eDocBuilder Variable Data

Using eDocBuilder, your customers can quickly and easily customize, proof, and approve documents directly from a web browser.  As the printer, you'll receive a press-ready PDF file immediately after the order is placed.  Think of the time you'll save and headaches you can avoid by having your customer complete these often tedious steps online.  You can focus on what you do best... printing!

eDocBuilder provides several key advantages:

  • PDF Workflow.  All completed documents are provided to you in the industry standard PDF format.  Fonts are embedded, CMYK colorspace is preserved, and spot colors are supported as well.
  • Intuitive User interface.  Our side-by-side approach allows your customer to enter information and preview the document on the same screen.  No downloading of proofs, launching of Acrobat, or clicking through to another page to view the proof is required.
  • Imposition.  With eDocBuilder, we can impose the finished document to your specifications.
  • Intelligent.  eDocBuilder utilizes a robust scripting language that allows for a variety of intelligent responses based upon user input.  In addition, eDocBuilder can automatically format user input to match your customer's corporate image standards.
  • Powerful.  Choose from a variety of user input methods including image upload, rich text formatting, browser based image cropping, database driven drop down lists, and more.  eDocBuilder has a powerful composition engine to accomodate a variety of text stylization, image and pdf importing, and more!
  • Easy Setups.  Using the web based control panel, you can easily create web-to-print templates for your customers to use.
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