Printer Websites

PrinterOrder.com gives you the power to easily create and manage a robust website, customized and branded for your printing business.

Increase Business Credibility

Having an attractive and informative website is no longer an option in today's business environment.  All too often you be judged by potential and current customers by your website (or lack thereof!).  With PrinterOrder.com, you can easily create a professional looking website that is sure make you look good.

Make File Transfers Easy

Getting files from your customers is never easy.  And sending files to your vendors is often a challenge as well.  PrinterOrder.com simplifies this process with a variety of internet based file transfer tools that easily handle any file... big or small.

Manage Your Site Effectively

Having a great website is one thing, but maintaining it is another.  With PrinterOrder.com you get a powerful control panel that allows you to quickly and easily manage nearly every aspect of your site.  Making updates is no longer a painful and expensive endeavor.  Just a few minutes of your own time is all it takes.

"We just went live on tax day, 2007 and we are very happy with the service.We are able to keep content current because of how simple it is to update with PrinterOrder.com. We have had numerous comments about how much everyone likes ftp'n with the user friendly interface. The most common thing I hear is, "that's all I have to do?". Technical Support has been very responsive and has been able to help us through all our questions. I would recommend PrinterOrder.com to anyone looking for a web service that is simple to maintain and use!"
-Rick Baarman,
Holland Litho

Content Management

No HTML is required with our visual approach to content management.  Each page can be generated using our powerful rich text editor.  Easily import graphics, format text, build tables, add hyperlinks, embed PDF's, insert Flash animations, and more!  If you are comfortable using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, you will feel comfortable creating and editing your web site content.

Online Proofing

Soft-Proofs are becoming increasingly common in the graphic arts industry.  While emailing a PDF to a customer often works, it becomes very problematic with larger files or when multiple people are involved.  With PrinterOrder.com, you can provide soft proofs directly on your website. 

Email and Webmail

PrinterOrder.com comes email and webmail.  This means you can easily create an email account for each of your staff members using your domain (included with your PrinterOrder.com account).  Our email servers provide virus and spam filtering, and work with every standard email client such as Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail.  In addition, you will be able to use the powerful SmarterMail webmail client for accessing your mail via any web browser.

Site Reporting

Quickly generate reports to show you the number of visitors to your website. Find out which pages are most popular.  PrinterOrder.com allows you to generate monthly reports at the touch of a button.

PrinterOrder.com also integrates with popular 3rd party analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Site Design

PrinterOrder.com provides custom or template based web designs.

Click here to learn more about our custom website designs.
Click here to learn more about our template website designs.

File Transfer Tools

Receiving files from your customers and sending files to your vendors is often a challenge.  PrinterOrder.com provides a variety of file transfer tools to simplify this process:

  • Web based file uploads: Customers can easily upload multiple arge files to you directly from your website.  A status bar showing upload progress and estimated completion time will appear on the screen during the upload process.
  • FTP: You can easily create FTP accounts for each of your key customers through the control panel.  Customers can access their FTP accounts through any standard FTP client or directly from your website. 
  • File Jockey: Our unique file jockey service allows you to quick send files out to vendors. 
  • File Manager.  Your printer control panel includes a file manager that provides a single interface to all files in your webspace. 
  • File Logging: All file transfers are logged and viewable by you.

As an added bonus, you will receive an email notification every time a customer uploads a file.  No more checking and re-checking to see if that file has arrived.

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